Saturday, 5 August 2017

BHT 017 part 2 T.Riveiro(welikemusic)

A Brand new my one Mixtape from spain by the man T.riverio . He played deep house with a soulful excursion here is his bio

Dj with an already consecrated trajectory of years of dedication to the world of the dishes ... Pinched or shared cabin with international and national dj's ... Edie Amador, Sergio Patricio, David Gausa, Gigi D'Agostino, Zen'o and many more ... like Pacha Platja D'aro, Class, Viva Empuriabrava, B-ART, Palm Beach, among many others ... With more than 20 years to the dishes, this dj does not lack friends in the cabin .. always has Site for his friends since he is considered humble in cabin and outside of it ... his now in several places and with new projects ..Please support the labels and the artist.

track list
1. Finger Bib - Without Words
 2. Panthera Krause - If (Benjamin Frohlich Basic Refix) 
3. Kosmas - Intentions (Einsauszwei remix) 
4. Botana & David Etienne - Seed 
5. Haiku 575 - Would You Die For Me
 6. Aki Bergen & Richter, Luben - Rituals (In a Winter Night) 
7. Alex Arnout - Primal (Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito Remix) 
8.LA ROSE - Do U Want It Too (Misfa Stereo Remix) 
9.Mark Alow, Avance - Quechua (Original Mix) 10.Self Explanatory Penumbra Original Mix 11.Wayik - Ice Swell Original Mix

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Stay deeep!!!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

BHT 017 Part 1 Allamp Yellow

Resident mix by Allamp Yellow is our BI -weekly Resident and he strikes this episode with solid tunes from his Record bag.

Track list
Iron Curtis-reset me(Office)
Baaz- absent(office)
the Persuader-Blacklocka-(Tadis)
Christopher Rau- The cool world(smallville)
Herb Lf -Trennschiebe(Doppelgaenger)
jarno-Untitled 3(Deep Explorer)
Sarp Yilmaz - Back To Me (Original Mix) [Society 3.0]
lewie day-500 shades(Murmur Records)
Alvaro Hylander-stop loz goddard remix(Apollo)
ivano tetelepta - smokin' g (Fear Of flying)
Senzala- spiral( politics of dancing Digital)
Sebo K- Mr Duke alternative version(Mobilee)
Tilman tausendfreund-Elgygytgyn(ContentIsMissing)
John Jastszebski-fevrier(bass Culture)
on the next show 
Guest  coming from T.Riverio from Spain. Stay deep!!!! Remember to share

Saturday, 1 July 2017

BHT 16 Part 2 Thales Boutroumlis(Nulectric,Germany)

A young Dj and produce from Cologne Germany. He his outdone himself with this chill out mix .He always does something out of the ordinary check out his upcoming E.P will be out this Monday. Check his sound and buy his music Nulectric Ep

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

BHT 016 Part 1 Franque Clandestine

Hey BHT followers we have a new show by the man Franque Clandestine a resident at Puppetshop the affiliated label with this podcast.this mix is straight forward 90 minutes and there is no track list for this mix kindly post a comment and he will get back to you

Coming up next week Guess mix by thales Boutroumlis Stay Deeep enjoy Share with your friends feel free to keep in touch via email

Saturday, 3 June 2017

BHT-015 part Zen'o (welikemusic)

Producer and selector Zen'o did a mix for puppetshop records. His selection is a deep sound with some soulful sounds .He has been prominent within the the realm of  underground music In Spain 

Dj characterized by his great passion in this world, passion for the people who follow him in his works. With a strong and elegant character at the same time, it makes of its sessions a trip where all the public feels at ease and enjoys the night. He has had the luck to collaborate and to puncture in rooms like: Pacha Girona, Fata Morgana, Millenium & Cosmic Club, Deluxe Madrid, Instinct Room BCN, VIP Disco in VIC, Blau Club, Sauvage, Classic Cafè, La Plage Beach Club, Passarel·la Empuriabrava etc ....
Shared cabin with djs known nationally and internationally, of the size as for example: Alonzo Dj, Ruben Monte S, Manel Sanmartin, Allan Ramirez, Peter Brown, Casual Sound, Edu Casado, Tony Cox, J.Louis, Marsal Ventura, Sergi Domene, Luxury Dj .... Producer since the year 2009, has several tracks in Beatport and in recognized albums of the panorama house, being included for example in the album of the MIAMI WORLD MUSIC CONFERENCE 2011 and in albums of the well-known label GLAM RECORDS. His works have been published in labels like, Filthy Grooving, Glam Records, Six Sound Records, Tekno Crew, inhuman records, Apsides Records, Intech Records, DPM Records, among others.

 Track List

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from puppetshop Crew
Enjoy !!!!!!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

BHT 015- part 1 Allamp yellow

 a new show as promised our schedule for this month is kinda not the same as the previous  months but we got a packed show for you

 track list

Artist - title - label
Pablo Boliver-Destination Nara-AvantRoots
Guran tech-Antea-Artefact Records
Beesmunt Sound system-Rachel starr-Soweso Records
Toeflinger-Searchin(Sin musik)
Ortella-Dirty mindz(Rutilance)
Borrowed identity -faith(Thomas Steiler's Id remix)
Rag Dabbons- c  La Qui Arive-D.KO Records
 Wally Stryk-Serena(londonGround remix-Deepclass Records
Lawrence- Iluminated (Kattenkarusell Remix) {Mule Musiq)
marc schol-Liquid-All day I dream
Sello.Borrowed identity -tool X-(neovinyl)
cHRISTOPHER rau-Girl-Smallville Records,
Quarion - Searching(Drumpoet Community)

Guestmix by Zen Ó spirit coming soon from Spain

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

BHT-014 Part 2 Mrsmith (SDL)

Brand new mix by the man Mrsmith From something different LIfestyle he has headlined alot of deep house parties with the likes of uni Dgeoff , Nuno Estevez to name a few he did a raw deep mix for BHT follow him on facebook at mrsmith 

Enjoy the show no tracklist drop the comment and I think Mrsmith will be able to  answer

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